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About us

We are a team of experienced trainers who form 4GROW training company. We specialise in trainings, coaching and HR consulting.

We have been working together since 2010 inspired by ICC coaching and that is why the ICC philosophy is our foundation – we believe that each of us determines our lives and is responsible for them. We believe that everyone chooses actions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values that are beneficial to them even if they seem pointless to others. We learn an important lesson from these beliefs – we have the resources to change our lives in any way we want.

Our conference rooms in Warsaw:

We have our own meeting rooms in Warsaw. In order to ensure high standard of our trainings, we have equipped them, among others, with the following equipment:

Thanks to this we are able to guarantee comfort and access to the most modern business technologies.

If you are looking for a conference room for board meetings in Warsaw, check out the possibilities of the Fireplace Room and the Centre Room.