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Boardroom -
cosy and quiet conference rooms
for board meetings

in the centre of Warsaw


We offer rental of exceptional Boardroom conference rooms:

As specialists from the training company 4GROW, which conducts trainings and workshops of the highest quality, we know that unique places have their energy and build a unique atmosphere which is why we created such boardroom-style rooms!  The participants of our trainings and customers are delighted with them.

Bring the atmosphere of uniqueness to your board meeting!

Experience the uniqueness of the Boardroom!

Soft, large armchairs, fireplace, wooden details, panoramic windows overlooking the city – these are all unique elements influencing the mood of those who bear a huge responsibility, making their meeting more pleasant. We have created a space that intrigues, calms and fills with positive feelings making your board meeting different and unique. This atmosphere fosters agreement, constructive conclusions and effectiveness.

In Warsaw boardrooms are often located in places similar to the office or hotel buildings – glassed and cold. Our boardroom has a completely different atmosphere. It is lit with natural light so that the guests feel at home. They can use the kitchen at any time. There is also a terrace at their disposal where they can take a breath of air while watching the skyline of the city centre.

Check out our boardroom:

boardroom Warszawa

Fireplace conference room

75 m2 + kitchen = 15 m2
15-20 people

boardroom Warszawa

Centre room

39 m2 + 13 m2 catering room
10-15 people


Boardroom standard:
Optionally you can also rent:


During meetings and trainings we organize coffee breaks, lunch in a nearby restaurant (10 min walk and fresh air on the way is always praised by all participants) or lunch served as indoor catering.

All-day coffee break

Sweet cookies: ‘Jeżyki’, whole-grain cookies, cereal cocoa cookies, oat cookies

Top-quality snacks:  Cheese board (Camembert, Brie, Radamer, long-ripened Bursztyn cheese) with walnuts, hazelnuts, apricots and olives, bread sticks in various flavours, baked buns with dried tomatoes

Coffee: Freshly ground coffee from the coffee machine

Cold drinks: 100% juices with pulp, water with lemon

Tea: 6 kinds

Fruit: bananas, apples


If you choose to have lunch in a restaurant, we can arrange an outing to any restaurant or order catering from it. Just tell us which cuisine you prefer and we will take care of the rest!

Do you want to create a vibe for the board meetings? Choose the Boardroom!

Boardroom warszawa

Do you have questions? Do you want to book the Boardroom?

Use the contact form!

Feel free to contact us also if you prefer to make a phone call or write an e-mail

Boardroom warszwawa
Ania Łukasiewicz

Key Account Coordinator
[email protected]
531 314 431

What is worth remembering when organising a meeting in the Boardroom Warsaw:

Many people are looking for a recipe for an effective board meeting. Not all board conference rooms are intimate places that are beneficial to strategy work, looking for non- standard solutions and brainstorming. What is worth taking care of when organising a boardroom meeting? Warsaw is a city where board conference rooms vary in quality and equipment – this is a list of things worth paying attention to.

Location – what is worth checking in Boardroom conference room:


Depending on the type of meeting, it is also worth considering which chair arrangement will support the achievement of the goal of the meeting (classic arrangement, horseshoe with armchairs or tables).

What purpose can your meeting in the Boardroom have:

  • do you want to make a decision together?

  • do you want to bounce ideas and look for solutions?

  • do you want to convey the message?

  • do you want to develop a plan?

Catering – in the boardroom or a restaurant?


Ensure the right choice of menu depending on participants’ diets (the most common are gluten-free diet, lactose-free diet , vegetarianism, veganism).

The agenda, a bit about the merit of Boardroom meetings

There are a few most important questions to be answered before an effective meeting:


Effective business meetings should have their structure and the division of roles. One of the most popular ways of working out solutions and putting ideas into practice is Walt Disney’s strategy, de Bono six thinking hats method or Brainstorming session.

If you need help in preparing the room for a board meeting or organising such a session, please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Boardroom (/ˈbɔːdruːm/)

The conference room where meetings of the company's board members are held. Most often these are meetings aimed at developing the company's strategy or preparing a development plan. Boardroom should be a place that provides privacy, comfort and conditions for conceptual and creative work.